[Thomas] Lip Service (COMIC Megastore 2008-08) [English] [darknight]

Miss barnes went to rachel she told her how it started and slap her round face seld lick his nasty cum out of me miss barnes start to clean her sucking and licking saying now u are a good pet get to bed and sleep thay went to bed rachel son sneek in miss barnes room woke her up seld u like being moms bitch she seld no she got video of me fuck a dog son seld here a pill drop it in mom driink she get dizzy get her to her bed tie her up and we can make her play thing she wil let u go thay what thay did set her up for the 3 day thay fuck her for hours on the last day her son fuck her hard and deep cum in her he seld hope u are up the duff and hope it a boy u be more then a whore he left the room. She told story and linda push her on bed cuff her to bed she spead on bed she can't move linda move to her face ram her cock in her mouth.

Hentai: [Thomas] Lip Service (COMIC Megastore 2008-08) [English] [darknight]

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[藤ます]Lip Service(コミックメガストア 2008年8月号) [英訳]

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