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“Of course not “then leave him to me” Jack had been gone some time, I should go and check on him drinking too much he may have fallen over, “No its ok love I’m going to the ladies room so I will check and call you if I need any help”,
Cathy got up went to find Jack, as she got to the narrow corridor she saw Jack standing at the far end and wondered what he was doing,” I was hoping you would come, as Cathy walked towards him her dress started to open at the front she was aware of revealing her beautiful legs she knew Jack was looking so she made her stride longer to ensure he got the full view,
Jacks face was in shock all he could say was “ Oh my god Wow” you are so Hot your making me feel horny just looking at you,
Cathy was now herself feeling very naughty showing herself to Jack thinking about what he said and trying to put his hand up her dress most of the night it was making her very wet she needed some relief between her legs, as she got to Jack she stood in front of him and said “are you ok” Jack then dropped to his knees as she allowed him to opened the front of her dress revealing her beautiful legs and her wetness he started to rub his hands up the back of her legs just like when he put his hand up her dress at dinner it was like electricity pulsating between her legs and then he grabbed her butt he started to kiss her thighs working his way up to the ultimate goal
He then pushed his face right into her now soaking panties it was all she could do to stop herself from cumin their and then it felt so good,

“Jack Stop get off me this its not the time or place she tried in vain to push his head away but was so determine to carry on she protested again “Jack please stop”
At that Jack let her go and said you have been teasing me all night
I have admired those beautiful legs all night I just wanted to taste your wet pussy, all I want is what Tim promised me tonight “You” Cathy was shocked at first but also turned by what Jacks had said,

“Jack I have to go to the ladies room” I managed to get into the cubical and couldn’t believe what had just happened if he hadn’t stopped when I asked him I would have given myself to him there and then,
I was so wet (What am I saying) He’s is attractive so why wouldn’t I be attracted to him even if he is in his sixty’s he is so different from Tim and other men that I’ve danced with and talked too,
He knows what buttons to press I feel such a slut for letting a man that I hardly know try to get me to have sex with him
Why did Tim tell him I would be his for the night this is not right Tim would never allow this to happen to me, we agreed fantasy only,
Oh god I’m so wet and confused it must be the drink as I looked down at my panties they were so uncomfortably wet this was the first time I had ever gone this far with anyone
“OH my god what have I started” why would I want to go with someone like him I have a great marriage and husband who love me and would do anything for me yes it must be the drink,
I then did something I would never have done before I pushed my wet panties up between my pussy lips to soak up my juices and then I removed them I had to composed myself as I walked back to the corridor Jack was waiting for me, “Are you ok“

Jack we must never mention this to Tim do I have your word” Well ok it will cost you?
“Open you hand“ as he did I pushed my wet panties into his hand he put them to his face took a deep breath and said these should keep me going for a bit then I herd Tim call out “are you two ok”

The taxis are waiting for us Jack pushed my panties into his pocket Tim said the others had already left we both had a guilty look on our faces,
Tim looked shocked?
As we got outside I felt the fresh air between my legs it felt so good so cool, as we made our way to the taxis rank,
Tim said” looks like we’ll have to share a taxi we’ll drop Jack home first on our way is that ok Jack” (Sure) I got in first remembering I wasn’t wearing any panties so had to be careful,
Then Jack and then Tim got in,

As the taxi drove away I felt Jacks hand on the side of my thigh trying to pull at my dress I crossed my legs so that Tim couldn’t see what Jack was doing as he was moving his hand pulling at my dress it started to fall down to the side of my thigh he was trying to work his fingers upwards and trying to get them between my legs I couldn’t stop him as every time taxi went over a speed bump he moved them a bit more Jack knew I wasn’t wearing any panties as they were in his pocket it felt so good it was really sexy because Tim didn’t have any idea what Jack was doing to me at that the taxi stopped. He allows you dress sexy and look great and treat his clients, me included, to a sexy show of legs and your body.

Hentai: (CR35) [Coburamenman (Uhhii)] GS3 (Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED)

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(CR35) [コブラーメンマン (うっひー)]GS3(機動戦士ガンダムSEED)

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